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Web design is a huge industry. We are in the middle of the digital age. Everyone and anyone want a website. But more than wanting a site, many Brisbane based businesses actually need an online presence. A good web design is vital to this end. Because of this, many people are looking to get their share of the pie and enrolling in website design trainings.




Advantages Of Acquiring Other Web Hosting Companies in Australia

Web hosting is a necessity in today’s age of digital marketing and online reach. When you have your website hosted on the Internet, you are in partnership with your Australian web hosting service provider to ensure better customer service, faster responses and a secure website.

A web hosting service provider has a huge and important contribution in the success of your website. Website downtime, delay in opening web pages, slow database speed, etc. are major problems, which clients might face with a particular service provider. Apart from this, there can be factors like cost, customer service and problem resolution, size discrepancies, and degradation of services, which can prompt a client to think about a switching to a different service provider.

Web hosting providers in Australia need to address these parameters to ensure their business growth and sustainability. While some of these can be addressed readily, some need organisational changes, including mergers and acquisitions. The same goes for web hosting companies in the UK by the way, once a UK web host gets big enough, chances are it’ll be bought by an even bigger provider, which unfortunately results in an increase in sites per ip, lack of support… but on the other hand, cheaper prices. Just keep this in mind the next time you search for the cheapest web hosting in the UK, it might not be the host you actually need, or want!

A web hosting company basically has a designated server with huge amount of space, which can hold a large amount of data. They have different packages, with different prices and features. When you choose a package, they provide you with space on the server to host your website, including security and integrity of your data and transactions. There are different service providers you can choose from, it all depends on your needs. This is where research becomes very important, I suggest to start looking for list of the best Australian web hosting companies, or something similar. Finding a decent top 10 list will save you a LOT of time in researching the best website hosting provider in Australia.

The apparent advantages of acquiring an Australian web hosting company by another service provider can be:

  • Expansion in the Australian market for capturing a large portion of the market value to generate and maximize revenues
  • Become a bigger player in the market by integrating more server space and hence increase number of clients
  • Incorporating and merging the client base of smaller service providers and also their best practices to emerge as an industry leader
  • Reduction or elimination of competition in this fast growing industry by pulling in smaller players
  • Increase the domain of services, capabilities and workforce to ensure better customer satisfaction of existing and new clients
  • Partnering with other service providers to cater to a bigger client requirement, which is a more cost effective option

Bigger companies, who want to host their own websites, can also choose to acquire a web hosting company to make an in-house ecosystem, where they do not have to share the space and resources with other clients and ensure an end-to-end faster and more efficient workflow for their business.

Back to learning about web design:

You might actually want to have a goal or a concrete project in mind when you start searching for trainings and tutorials. It will give you a good launching point to use the theories that you will learn. If you don’t really know where to start, then here’s a good project: a website that allows users to upload photos and leave comments. This means you have to learn to build the site with an admin section, manage the site and content and manage the users, too. I personally know a business owner that created his own website from scratch using tutorials.

Your next step is to learn about programming. The ideal first language is Python. So look for training or tutorial on that. Python is recommended because it’s available on every platform, is well documented, can be used for small and large projects and has a great community to help newbies. It’s also free.

When you’re done with that, you need to learn how to transform data and display the result to the user. This means studying Structured Query Language or SQL.

If you’re already familiar with Python and SQL, you can start building web pages. Expect to read a lot while you’re learning web design. To build pages, you need to know HTML and CSS. It’s best to find a tutorial that covers both.

Already mastered HTML and CSS? Well, then. Make your web pages more dynamic and learn JavaScript. So as you can see, learning to program is just the first step to creating web pages and doing web design. And it’s a first step that’s riddled with smaller steps, too.

If you’re serious about learning web design, start by looking for tutorials and training covering the above (pay special attention to making sites mobile-friendly as that’s VERY important these days). When you can say you’ve mastered them (or at least can do them with some skill), then that’s the time you should look at more web design tricks.